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Severe weather conditions in Slovenia interrupted rail freight traffic

International disruptions in Slovenia – August 4th

UPDATE: 07.08.2023


The weather conditions in Slovenia are slowly calming down and the transportability of lines has gradually been established. Most of Friday’s interruptions are resolved or shortly will be.


Interruption traffic on the Sava - Litija section is expected to be resolved by the end of Monday, 7 August 2023, likewise interruption of traffic on the section Most na Soča - Jesenice.


Today, at 1:00 p.m., also line closure between Celje-Velenje ended.


Line No. 10, on the section between the Sava and Litija stations, is expected to operate with restrictions (slow driving over the damaged area).




Due to the consequences of storms and the rise of watercourses and torrents, railway traffic is already obstructed on some routes, and some local roads are also closed, which makes it impossible to carry out alternative bus services. According to the weather forecasts, due to unfavorable weather conditions, which will probably last until Sunday, there may be additional obstacles in railway traffic.


There are complete and unexpected traffic interruptions on individual sections of the tracks and also the closure of individual lines and tracks. According to the weather forecast, in the following hours, additional disruptions can be expected.


Current interruptions:

Due to the unwinding of the expected closure of Maribor – Pesnica – Šentilj and unexpected line closures on the Ljubljana Vižmarje – Jesenice section the reception of freight trains from neighboring administrations for the Republic Austria has stopped.


All the listed emergencies affect the implementation of the operational timetable and occupancy infrastructure capacities. The competent services of the operator will try to eliminate emergencies in the shortest possible time.


RFC AMBER is in contact with our partner corridors concerned to tackle the situation.

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